It’s official, Weather is back !
New values, brand new identity but still the same DNA.

3 years of silence that allowed us to take a step back and observe how the french scene has evolved lately with that question in mind : How to think Weather in the future ?

Coming from the rave culture and the clubbing scene, we were incredibly proud to gather 25 k people every night during our past events. It was a wonderful experience but does that format remain relevant today for you and us ?

The constant race with our competitors leading to an unbearable increase of the fees, the lack of subsidy, the absence of venues with adequate conditions of production have also guided us in our quest of reinvention.
This time we want to come back for good !

Coming next, we’re going to cut the edges, invite involved headliners and open more gates to the french scene through a series of high quality events indoor & outdoor conceived for human scale attendance.
We will present to you a load of artists that drive through the lines. Big names that stick to our statement and newcomers coming from rising scenes around the globe. We want to promote diversity in sounds, genders and origins.

First step of our rebirth : a festival from 8PM to 10AM at La Seine Musicale on Seguin Island with a reduced capacity in comparison to our last gigs. Between the artistic program, the quality of the venue and the installations we want to provide, we promise you a wicked 14 hours show. Like we used to do but with the 2019 touch. Support us, you won’t regret it !

We missed you !

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